Insurgency Tournament

For Insurgency, Blake Games is excited to announce our next tournament and the start of season play for America region.

Winter Cup
Our next tournament is the Blake Games Winter Cup on December 1 and 8, 2018. There will be 8 teams in both the America and Europe regions that will compete separately. The Prize pool is $4,000 USD for both regions combined. Registration is now open, so if your team is interested in playing, register now on our website and contact Masser on Discord!

Insurgency Regular Season
We are excited to also announce the start of Insurgency America Region Season 1!  There will be 3 divisions, and registration is now open. Regular season will start on December 9, 2018 with playoffs at the end of the regular season. There is no limit on the number of teams, and the prize pools are $1,000 USD for Division 1 (Majors), $500 for Division 2 (Minors), and $500 for Division 3 (Amateurs) divisions.  For more details,
Confirmed teams include:
Division 1 (majors): daddy's (fdoud), Rizen (Rzn_Haze), Pug Stars (dannyG), Gunners (Badlightbulb),  QMG (Vinni)
Division 2 (minors): COA (ner0), J5 (steffbeard), aurora (ragnarok), Bricksquad (yagoma)
Division 3 (amateurs):  Org13 (Haze), Pacifico (Alejo), SkyRiseGaming (virus.sh)

For more details, see the tournament page on BlakeGames.com or join us on discord discord.gg/Ved4x3N

There are no entry fees to either event so sign up now!


Cash prizes are denominated in US

Dollars and will be payable via PayPal. Cash prizes can be converted to equivalent values in Blakebitcoins if requested at $0.10 USD per Blakebitcoin.

Team composition are at the sole discretion of the team captains who registered for the tournament. Prize payouts will be coordinated with the team captains but can be paid to the members individually if requested.

The matches and tournament will be coordinated through BlakeGames.com. Players and teams will need to register on BlakeGames.com and agree to abide by the Blake Games TOS. All members of the team will need to register for an account on BlakeGames.com and associate their blakegames.com account with their steam account by visiting https://www.blakegames.com/members/blakebitcoins.html